Do you have dental implants? If you do, you know how much like natural teeth they are in function and appearance. However, like natural teeth, they can be damaged and need repair or restoration. At Pure Smiles Dentistry, we not only place beautifully crafted dental implants, we also repair and restore implants for patients at our office in Marietta.

Dental implants are a restorative dentistry treatment, but it can be necessary for the restoration to be restored. Trauma or wear and tear can impact the stability of an implant. In some cases, additional oral surgery is needed to restore the implant. Other times it is only the crown or abutment that needs restoration. If you have an issue with your dental implant, give our team a call right away. We can get you in for an exam and determine what needs to be done to restore your dental implant.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants can be cracked or chipped, just like regular teeth. When you need a new crown for your implant or it comes loose, we can complete your repair. It does not matter whether we placed the original implant or not; our implant dentist can fix and restore dental implants from other dentists, as well as maintain the implants for our patients.

It is important to come in for regular checkups when you have dental implants. They should be examined just like natural teeth for any issues. Since dental implants do not contain nerves, they do not tell you with pain when something is wrong. Routine checkups can help catch issues with your implants so you can have them repaired as needed.

Whether you have one implant or a full mouth restoration, you can trust the implant dentistry team at Pure Smiles Dentistry to care for your smile. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup to protect your investment in your smile.