While taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums is an admirable goal in itself, there is a growing connection between oral health and overall health. Thus, while regular visits to the dentist are important in order to maintain good dental health, they provide a window into one’s overall health. When asked, “How important is oral health to one’s overall health?” dental professionals agree when they say—very.

There are a number of oral indicators associated with systemic disease. Such is the case with type 2 Diabetes. For a number of years, dentists have noted that patients with diabetes have an increased risk of periodontal (gum) disease. In the same way, patients with developing periodontal (gum) disease have an increased risk of type 2 Diabetes. Perhaps the thread tying these links together is inflammation. When gums are diseased, inflammation is present—not only in gum tissues, but in the entire body. Research suggests that increased levels of inflammation affect the body’s ability to process sugar normally.

Similarly, bacteria from oral infections can lead to heart disease. It’s believed that unhealthy bacteria enter the bloodstream and eventually settle in blood vessels, creating a blockage. This is further supported during studies of atherosclerosis, as periodontal bacteria have been found in blood vessels.

While oral inflammation and infection are tied to type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, they are potentially harmful in a different way for females that are pregnant. Because inflammation associated with periodontal (gum) disease, including Gingivitis, stimulates the release of the hormone prostaglandin, those expecting may experience early labor and a low birth weight baby.

Given the importance of connections between oral and overall health, patients have an even greater reason to invest in their oral health. Why? Investing in your oral health is investing into your overall health.

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