Our dental team at Pure Smiles Dentistry cares about all our patients’ oral health. We strive to help our patients maintain their natural teeth and keep them healthy with general dentistry. However, when it is not possible to treat or save a diseased tooth or it is causing oral health issues, we can gently remove the tooth for the benefit of our patient’s health. If you need a tooth extraction, we provide a caring environment for your procedure.

No one wants to hear they need a tooth removed. Even those without general dental anxiety can feel anxious anticipating a tooth extraction. Our compassionate dental team will help make you feel at ease during your procedure. In most cases, tooth extractions are quick and without pain. If you need help relaxing before your procedure, we offer sedation options to ensure you do not feel any stress during your tooth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

While many teeth are removed due to disease or trauma, wisdom teeth are often healthy when they are removed. Even though wisdom teeth may be healthy, they can put your overall oral health in danger. Wisdom teeth are the last molars to arrive and often have too little room to grow when they do, which can lead to oral health problems. Wisdom teeth can become impacted or put pressure on other teeth when they grow in the wrong direction. Our team at Pure Smiles Dentistry can remove problem wisdom teeth before they cause infection, pain or other oral health issues.

Tooth removal does not need to be a stressful procedure. You can trust our dental team at Pure Smiles Dentistry to make sure you are comfortable and at ease during your tooth extraction. We provide the right follow-up care to help you heal quickly. Contact our office in Marietta today to schedule your appointment.