Dentures can be a wonderful way to restore your smile after you have lost most or all your teeth. However, dentures can take some adjustment to feel comfortable, and some people never feel quite natural wearing removable dentures. Implant supported dentures offer many improvements over traditional dentures. We are proud to offer them at Pure Smiles Dentistry in Marietta.

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are secure and fixed in place. They do not require adhesives and will not move or slip when eating, talking or laughing. They feel more like natural teeth and are more comfortable for the patient. The confidence factor alone makes many people who upgrade to implant supports for their dentures wish they had chosen this option from the beginning. Plus, they make it easier to chew healthy foods and help stimulate bone growth in the jaw for a more youthful appearance.

Secure, Fixed Dentures

Implant supported dentures are held in place with at least two dental implants. The implants are attached to the dentures to keep them in place. The implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone and adhere to the bone to provide a secure foundation. Dentures can be made to snap onto the implants or they can be fixed in place with screws. There are several options of implant supported dentures to choose from, giving you choices for your new smile.

Implants offer a higher level of function and security for denture wearers. Whether you are getting dentures for the first time or want to upgrade to a more secure type of dentures, come see us at Pure Smiles Dentistry. We offer restorations to replace missing teeth, including dental implants, dentures and implant supported dentures. Contact Pure Smiles Dentistry today to schedule your consultation with our restorative dentist to decide which option is best to restore your smile.