Tooth pain, broken teeth and damaged tooth restorations are common dental emergencies that we care for at Pure Smiles Dentistry. Our team of dental professionals understands that you cannot always wait days or weeks when you have a dental emergency. We offer quick assistance when you need urgent dental care at our office in Marietta. In many cases, we can see you or your family member on the same day when there is a dental emergency.

You should never need to wait to get relief when you have an urgent dental problem. Whether your child had a tooth knocked loose playing football or you woke up with a severe toothache that will not go away, you want to get your dental issue resolved right away. While the ER may be the best place to go for a broken bone or another urgent health issue, they are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. When you need immediate care for a tooth problem, you need an experienced emergency dentist that can see you quickly and has the expertise to fix your dental problem.

Urgent Dental Care

At Pure Smiles Dentistry, we never want you or your family to wait for care when you have a dental emergency. Whether you are an existing patient or new to our practice, we want you to call us when you have an urgent dental issue. We leave space in our schedule to accommodate dental emergencies. Just call our friendly team, and we will do our best to get you in to see our dentist for expedient care. Often, we can see you on the same day to care for your dental issue.

When you have a dental emergency near Marietta, contact our office for an appointment. We will make sure you get the dental care you need in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our practice accepts many types of dental insurance to help with the cost of your dental emergency.

Tooth Care in Marietta

Taking care of your teeth in Marietta is important. Sometimes accidents happen, or an illness can result in unhealthy teeth. Pure Smiles Dentistry is here to provide affordable and effective solutions in an emergency. We value education, which means that along with treatment, you will receive expert advice from a team of dental professionals.

We want to ensure that you can take care of your teeth, even in an emergency. When urgent care is required, do not hesitate to contact the team at Pure Smiles Dentistry. Our goal is to ensure that you are never left without support. There is no judgment from our team when you find yourself suffering from poor dental health. If you are suffering from tooth pain or deteriorating oral health, call right away for expert consultation.

Affordable Emergency Dentistry in Marietta

One of the barriers that patients often face when it comes to emergency dentistry is the affordability of treatment. If you have suffered damage to your smile, Pure Smiles Dentistry is here to provide affordable treatment options. Our primary concern is ensuring that the damage doesn’t progress. There is no circumstance where our patients cannot inquire about emergency treatment. When you are experiencing dental pain or have suffered an injury to one or more teeth, call for advice or to book an appointment.

We value all our patients equally. When you need urgent dental treatment, make the call to Pure Smiles Dentistry. Advice from our team may be enough to help you take the right steps to relieve your dental pain. However, we are always ready to find you a fast and effective appointment if treatment is necessary.

To learn more about emergency dentistry from Pure Smiles Dentistry, contact our office to book an appointment today.