A beautiful smile is an asset that can improve your appearance and make you feel confident in any situation. When you have crooked or gapped teeth, or discolorations that whitening cannot remove, you may not feel confident when you smile. It does not need to take months or years to repair your dental flaws to get the smile you deserve. As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Pure Smiles Dentistry, we offer gorgeous porcelain veneers that can change your smile in just a few visits to our office.

Veneers do not fix dental flaws but hide them behind a perfectly shaped porcelain smile. Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain covers for your teeth that are shaped to form your desired smile. Our cosmetic dentist can customize porcelain veneers that are made to fit on your teeth to create a new smile. They can cover discolorations, hide gaps and crooked teeth, giving you a beautiful smile you will feel proud to show the world.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

To complete your smile makeover with cosmetic dental veneers, we start with a consultation to discuss the changes you want to make to your smile with our dentist. Together, you can determine the best look for your new smile. Images are needed of your teeth to create the veneers that will fit the shape of your teeth. A dental lab forms the porcelain veneers. Once they are created, our dental team will bond them to your teeth to create your new smile. The entire process usually takes less than two weeks. You can walk in for your final appointment with your existing smile and walk out with the smile you always wanted.

If you are ready for a smile makeover, contact Pure Smiles Dentistry. We offer many cosmetic dental options, including porcelain veneers for a perfect smile.