The root canals inside your teeth are the live portion containing the pulp and nerves. When decay or infection reaches these inner areas, it can cause severe pain and jeopardize the health of your tooth. The treatment to remove the diseased or infected portion of the interior tooth is referred to as a root canal. This is the best general dentistry treatment to stop the pain and save a tooth from extraction. At Pure Smiles Dentistry, we offer effective root canals that can relieve infected tooth pain and protect your smile from tooth loss.

Infected teeth can be caused when bacteria or decay find a pathway inside the tooth. A crack or broken tooth can allow decay or bacteria inside, causing inflammation and infection. When this occurs, the nerve can be impacted, causing intense tooth pain. Once the inside of the tooth is infected, the pulp and nerve root must be removed to stop the pain and infection. This process is a root canal, which removes the diseased tooth material and disinfects the interior of the tooth.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Root canals are often associated with pain, but the treatment is not the cause of pain, but the best way to stop severe toothaches from infected teeth. Once the infection is treated and the nerves removed, the source of the pain is gone. The tooth is repacked and sealed as part of the root canal process, protecting it from further infection. Since a significant portion of the inner tooth is removed, the tooth can be weakened. A dental crown is added to protect the tooth from damage and to give it additional strength.

If you have a severely infected tooth, root canal therapy can stop the pain and may be the only way to save it from extraction. Contact Pure Smiles Dentistry today to schedule an exam and learn more about how a root canal can treat and save your infected tooth.