What are you doing as a parent to establish strong brushing habits for your child? In most cases, a child sees the dentist twice a year, which means parents have a major responsibility for making sure their child is taking care of their teeth and gums the rest of the year. Great dental habits at home can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Instead of making dental hygiene a chore or a battle in your home, try the following tips to make it the positive and rewarding habit it should be:

Make it Easy

There are many kid-friendly products out there to make brushing easier and more fun for kids. Choose bubble gum flavored toothpaste, a battery powered toothbrush or a colorful handheld flosser to make the job less of a hassle for kids. You may also want to consider a stepstool under the sink so that your young child can watch himself in action in the mirror and reach the faucet more easily.

Have Some Fun

There is no reason why your child’s two-minute brushing session can’t be fun. Allow your child to be messy if it helps them scrub better. The extra splashes of water are a small price to pay for better dental hygiene. If you have a child that is intrigued by technology, download a fun dental app on your tablet or smartphone. There are countless dental games, creative songs and timer apps for kids that can motivate them for the job.

Set An Example

Does your child see you taking care of your own teeth? Never underestimate your influence as a parent. Set a good example and let your child know how much you value keeping your teeth clean and white. In addition, don’t skip your personal routine cleanings and try not to talk negatively about an upcoming dental procedure, as this can send the wrong message to kids. In fact, many pediatric cases of dental phobia can be traced back to a parent’s fear of the dentist.

At Pure Smiles Dentistry, we make every effort to educate your child on the importance of a healthy smile. We welcome the chance to share new and creative ideas with parents to encourage brushing and flossing at home. Remember that until your child can tie his or her own shoe, they need an adult to do the flossing for them. Schedule your pediatric dental appointment at our Marietta office today.

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