Teeth can become damaged or infected in a number of ways, necessitating the need for dental fillings or other restorations. Yet, when decay reaches deep, invading the pulp of a tooth, individuals are at risk for pain, tooth loss and bone damage. Thus, dental professionals often suggest root canal therapy as a way to eliminate pain, restore function to a tooth and preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. While there are many misconceptions surrounding root canal treatments, modern-day dentistry awards patients with root canal treatments that are quick and comfortable.

To better understand, consider the anatomy of your tooth. Beneath its white enamel exterior is a layer called dentin. The pulp lies underneath the dentin, and is comprised of vessels, nerves and tissues. Specifically, connective tissues of the pulp join the crown of the tooth to the tissues around the root. Surprising to some, the tooth’s pulp is very important while the tooth is forming and developing, but it is not needed to sustain the tooth once it is fully matured. When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected, it is far worse to leave it untreated, as it may result in intense pain, infection, or emergency dental treatment.

Perhaps you’re experiencing pain, sensitivity or discomfort while chewing and speaking. On the other hand, maybe you’ve noticed redness, swelling, a pimple along your gum line or drainage around your tooth. Dental professionals want you to know—if you need root canal treatment, there’s no reason to fear.

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