Whether you are a young working professional or a parent of multiple kids, your weekday schedule can get tight and stressful. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could schedule your family’s dental appointments on a Saturday? At Pure Smiles Dentistry, you certainly can.

Your Time is Valued

We are a unique dental practice that values your time. We understand that school, work, sports and social activities can quickly eat up your weekly agenda. Busy schedules can make it difficult to find time to squeeze in a routine dental cleaning or that filling or root canal that you desperately need. In many cases, this lack of time and convenience is the reason why patients avoid going to the dentist. Unfortunately, putting off preventative dental services or basic dental treatments can lead to more timely (and costly) appointments down the road. Therefore, we honor the importance of making routine dental visits as convenient as possible for our families.

What Does Convenient Dental Care Look Like

Finding a dental practice that accommodates your busy lifestyle, means choosing one that offers flexible or extended appointment times and Saturday appointment options. Let’s face it, your smile can still be treated and enhanced on a weekend just like it could on a Monday morning.

Saturday appointments not only encourage patients to schedule their needed or desired procedures, but it also allows them to experience dental care in a more relaxed state.  Without the anxiety of missing work or the worry of needing to pick up the kids, you can truly take advantage of our modern office environment with all the comforts of home.

Taking care of your smile should never be stressful. If you or your family could benefit from a Saturday dental appointment or late evening appointment during the week, call Pure Smiles Dentistry today.  We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve a more confident smile, whether it is on a Monday after dinner or first thing Saturday morning!

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