Taking care of your teeth during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes which could cause dental problems.  Your dental health should be part of your prenatal care. Gingivitis and cavities are common among pregnant women.

According to the CDC, 60-75% of pregnant women have gingivitis. This is an early stage of periodontal disease that happens when the gums become red and swollen from inflammation that may be brought on by the changing hormones. If left untreated, the bone supporting the tooth recedes and the gums become infected.

Pregnant women may also be at risk for cavities due to their eating habits. The CDC states that women who have a lot of cavity-causing bacteria during pregnancy and after delivery could transmit these bacteria from their mouth to the mouth of their baby.

Tips on your dental health before, during, and after pregnancy:

Before Pregnancy: Make a dental appointment before getting pregnant or as soon as you can once you find out so your teeth can be professionally cleaned, examined, and any oral health problems can be treated.

During Pregnancy: Routine dental care can be done anytime during pregnancy and should not be skipped because you are pregnant. Tell your dentist any medications and prenatal vitamins you are taking in case they need to alter your dental treatment plan. Pay attention to any changes in your gums and notify your dentist of any changes. Eat a healthy, balanced diet including dairy that is good for your baby’s developing teeth, gums, and bones.

After Pregnancy: Make an appointment with your dentist soon after delivery to have a thorough dental and periodontal health examination.

Professional Pre and Post-Pregnancy Dentist in Marietta

Pure Smiles Dentistry in Marietta will work with you before, during, and after your pregnancy to ensure your dental health is prevented, maintained, and treated. If you are in Marietta or surrounding areas, request a dental appointment.

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