Imagine that you’re crunching on something hard when you discover that a piece of your tooth has broken off. Interestingly, you might not feel any pain. In effect, when a part of a tooth breaks or chips away, it doesn’t always necessitate an emergency trip to the dentist. Even so, if you have a chipped tooth, it’s very important to let your dentist know quickly. This is because a tooth is weakened when it is damaged, and even the smallest chip in a tooth can impact one’s oral health.

To begin, it’s important to understand that while a tooth’s enamel is incredibly strong, it can break down. Essentially, when a tooth is chipped, the protective enamel is compromised, and this exposes a portion of a tooth’s dentin. Because the composition of dentin is soft and permeable, it absorbs substances around it. This means that if exposed to bacteria, dentin absorbs it. Without question, this accelerates the process of tooth decay in a tooth that is broken or chipped.

When dentists assess teeth that have been chipped, they classify damage by the type of crack or break. For instance, a shallow, tiny crack in a tooth is considered a crazed line. A break in a tooth’s chewing surface is referred to as a fractured cusp, while a cracked tooth describes a crack extending from the chewing surface to the tooth’s root. In turn, a split tooth is the result of a long-term cracked tooth that has divided into sections. Finally, a vertical root fracture is a crack extending from the root of a tooth to its chewing surface. Because some cracks and chips are not easily visible, a dental examination is vital following damage to one’s tooth.

Fortunately, advancements in restorative dentistry have provided multiple options for repairing chipped teeth. From dental bonding to dental veneers, crowns, root canal therapy and dental implants, the manner in which teeth are repaired depends on the extent of damage.

Quick And Painless Chipped Tooth Repair

At Pure Smiles Dentistry, we understand that a chipped tooth can lead to more extensive oral health problems. That’s why we encourage you to call us right away if you discover that your tooth has been damaged. With a reputation for gentle, compassionate dentistry, Dr. Patel and the team often repair chipped teeth with protective tooth fillings or bonding treatments that are performed quickly and painlessly. Call us today!


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