When it comes to dental injuries, the American Dental Association projects that one third of all injuries are sports-related, and that wearing a mouthguard can prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries to the mouth each year. This is true for an athlete of any age and skill level, which is why wearing a mouthguard is a good idea.

Imagine the damage caused by a misplaced elbow during a basketball game. From tooth displacement to a broken or fractured tooth, an elbow to the mouth can result in disastrous, not to mention painful and costly repairs. In turn, while a blunt force to the face or mouth may not knock out a tooth, it might cause an individual to bite down on soft tissues such as the inside of the cheek or tongue. In both instances, wearing a mouthguard displaces the force of an impact to one’s mouth, preventing lasting damage to the face and teeth.

In a recent article posted by Colgate, results from a study of high school athletes and oral injuries were referenced. According to the study, 75% of injuries occurred when mouth guards were not worn, with a high percentage of injuries sustained during baseball and basketball. The study also revealed that 56% of all concussions were suffered when mouthguards were not worn.

With a greater understanding of the importance of wearing a mouthguard, many ask the question, “is an over the counter mouth guard good enough?” While some protection is better than none, a customized mouthguard designed by a dentist is generally a better choice than a ready-made or boil and bite version. Of course, the answer depends on an individual’s comfort level, budget, materials preference and level of protection needed. Even so, a customized mouthguard provides ultimate comfort and flexion, with superior protection. What’s more, they are highly personalized, as they are designed based on the exact impression of a patient’s bite.

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